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  • (#6) A Group Of Friends Found Trees Decorated With Knives And Dolls

    From Redditor /u/UnicornGirl24:

    Backstory: I grew up in a town of 100 people. Not much here but my friends and I used to drive the dirt roads and just hang out. One night we ventured a bit too far out of our normal area and managed to cross the state line (we are only 4 miles from the state line). We had never really driven around there and decided to explore. We turned down one dirt road and were greeted with machetes, knives, doll parts, and other various objects hanging from the trees. No houses were visible and no other side roads that could lead to a driveway were visible either. We noped out of there and drove for another hour to make sure no one followed us home.

  • (#10) Townsfolk Watched Them Eat Dinner

    From Redditor /u/YesterdayWasAwesome:

    Driving from Denver to Mount Rushmore, my family stopped somewhere in Wyoming for dinner. Town population was somewhere in the neighborhood of 120-150.

    There were two restaurants in the town. When we entered, it was pretty busy and right out of a movie, everyone turned around and stared at us.

    People were staring at us throughout the entire dinner. It was unnerving.

  • (#9) One Group Found A Nightmare Shrine

    From Redditor /u/GreenGlassDrgn:

    Got lost on our way to Centralia, PA. We ended up on a gravel road, winding up the side of a wooded mountain. At the end of the road was a well, which turned out to be a well-maintained memorial for firemen. Then our eyes drifted from the sign to the house in the woods behind it.

    Tiny wooden cottage in the middle of nowhere. In the trees on the property, in a large radius from the house, all sorts of sh*t was hanging from the trees, dangling from branches, nailed to trunks, stuck on extra metal poles stuck in the ground. It was everything your nightmares have conjured, ancient stuffed animals rotting in the wind, even older yellow plastic lawn-sunflowers gone brown, dangling lawn chairs, and some painted wooden pigs that had been wrapped to trunks with duct tape and extension cords.

    We got out of there fast.

  • (#14) A Field Trip Group Was Bombarded With Questions From Curious Locals

    From Redditor /u/leakyaquitard:

    During a week of field camp (AKA my geology program's capstone course), we were passing through Montello, NV. We ended up stopping at the only gas station in town before heading up to a mountain range not too far away. This place is in the middle of nowhere.

    While we (a class of around 16) were perusing the gas station, what I could only imagine being the rest of the town showed up in the gas stations asking us all kinds of questions, like where we were going, how long we'd be out there, what university we were from and if we'd be digging around in the mountains or not. This may not sound that weird but a lot of people (along with me) in my class were thoroughly creeped out.

  • (#4) A Motorcycle Group Found An Abandoned Town Decorated With Metal Sculptures

    From Redditor /u/MightierThanThou:

    I was on a motorcycle trip with a couple of friends and we had one person with GPS in front guiding us and we decided to take all the crazy back roads. To be honest, it was kind of a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-type drug vacation we had all been planning. One reason we wanted to take the back roads was to avoid the cops. We were all high as f*ck when we were riding down a mountain road and entered a small valley where there had once been a very small town. Like... 10-15 buildings all together. We decided to stop and have food but we realized that the town was completely abandoned. Every business on the street was closed. Every house was boarded up. The scary thing was that everywhere there were these weird little sculptures that someone had made out of scrap metal. One would be on a sidewalk, one would be on top of a building etc. Like weird, abstract art type stuff. Also there was a small roundabout that we stopped by and on the island in the middle there was this little hut made out of corrugated metal. We walked up to it and my friend, completely high as f*ck, asks, "What is the purpose of this structure?" in a robot voice and we all started laughing our asses off. A few moments later we heard a tractor coming towards us and decided to wait and see what happened, then it turned the corner and headed towards us and we could see that the tractor had been decked out with weird decorations. There was a deer's head mounted on the tractor's roof and rusty chains were hanging from the sides. We just bolted toward our bikes and noped the f*ck out and went back the way we came.

    I checked Google Earth a few days later to see where that place had been and it was a location where there was basically no photo resolution so it just looked like a greenish-brown blur. That place might as well have not existed.

  • (#2) Twelve Guys Blocked Someone's Way On The Road

    From Redditor /u/Syrup_Chugger_3000:

    I was a teenager driving around with a friend doing god knows what in southern Louisiana. Figured I would take random turns to see if I could find "shortcuts" between cities (again, no idea what I was thinking). Ended up driving through a neighborhood with bars on windows, houses badly damaged (obvious rot damage, one missing a side door to the house, etc.).

    As my friend and I started to get a "we took the wrong turn" vibe is about the time a group of people down the long strip of the road showed up. About 12 guys total all seemed to have appeared out of f*cking nowhere, lined up shoulder to shoulder across the road, and just stared motionless at my truck approaching.

    I decided we were f*cked if I stopped the truck, so I downshifted and charged straight at them full speed. They ended up moving out of the way about a second before I flew past, and by move I mean they just calmly walked just out of range of my truck and went back to standing at the sides of the road.

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