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  • (#3) Overly Enthusiastic Seal Offers You His Overly Enthusiastic Greetings


  • (#12) Buzz's Intro to the Joys of 3D Technology Goes Terribly Wrong



  • (#35) This Incredibly Terrifying Excuse for a Children's Cartoon


  • (#7) "Wee! Ahh! Wee! Ahh!"



  • (#16) This Invitation Down the Rabbit Hole



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About This Tool

3D imaging is produced by the difference in vision between human eyes. There is usually a distance of about 8 cm between the human eyes. In order for people to see 3D images, the left eye and right eye must see different images, so that the two images have a certain gap, which is to simulate the situation when viewed by the actual human eye.

Animated gifs seem to be everywhere, but some talented gif creators are using 3D technology to take the visual experience to another level. The random tool shows 35 amazing 3D GIFs that will shock you.

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