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  • (#10) Their Friend Lied To The Landlord About Them Staying There

    From Redditor u/seamus5801:

    Okay, hear me out.

    I (21M) was living with my (best?)friend and her boyfriend (22F & 27M) for 6 months, while I found my own place. That was a direct violation of their lease agreement, but their landlord never found out at the time.

    After I had moved out, someone arrived at their apartment concierge, looking for me. When the manager of the apartments looked for my name on the system, it obviously wasn’t there, and was furious at my friend and her partner for allowing me to stay. They lied and said I had never lived there and that I only visited and paid my way when it was necessary. I of course, did not care.

    I care because, my friend is now mad at me? Like apparently I am the one to blame, when both her and her partner allowed me to live there in the first place, and I confirmed with them multiple times and asked that I wasn’t being a burden at all, to which they said “not at all!”.

    We spoke about it and she thinks they are going to be evicted because of me, when I don’t understand what I did wrong? Did I overstep maybe? Because I did ask if I could stay with them, as at the time I was desperate, and had nowhere to stay. I paid them my fair share of rent, and food and everything else, and we had a great 6 months together. They seemingly had no issue with it until this point.

    I would have made something work if they truly did not want me there, which I would have understood. AITA for even asking or thinking she’s delusional? I feel like she’s just completely throwing me under the bus here.


  • (#2) They Expose Their Landlord In Court

    From Redditor u/throwawayllsucks:

    Hi all. I (22f) live with my mom and siblings (53f, 16f, 11m). To keep this short, we have lived in an illegal basement apt. for 18 years. I was told by LL (landlord) that it met govt. requirements and only found out it was illegal after he begged us not to call an inspector for a sewage leak he refused to fix in November. At first we were afraid to, but a housing program was coming through and we'd had enough, so after swimming in sewage for a month we called the inspector. He was not happy, because he was getting fined every day starting mid-Feb for having an illegal place (We had a fire escape, so they didn't have to emergency evacuate us). We continue to clean 20 gallons of sewage from our living room everyday, and no we can't fix it, because we have to tear down walls to find the guilty pipe.

    He still hasn't fixed it. All the events in the past four/five months is half-blackmail from him to get us to move out without facing court fines. We had roach and mice infestations caused by our neighbors that, both times, he refused to do anything about. His dad stole our Christmas packages and dug my gift out of the garbage in front of me, LL himself refused to call a plumber UNTIL he was worried about the foundation and then forced me to come home from school because I didn't want him in the house alone with a random plumber, they yell at my mom on the phone but not me because I'm making most of the legal decisions here and was paying the rent, etc, etc... We barely make noise, and one slightly loud movie night my LL came down in the middle of the night and banged on my window to tell me to turn it off, completely skipping the options of calling me or even trying the door. I didn't have pants on. LL's wife curses at us over the phone while we have no idea what she even has to do with this. They told me to drop college and get a job the second time I ever missed rent, when I already had a job. I've had enough of their hostility.

    We have court tomorrow and they said they were taking us for non-payment of rent, which is true because the inspector himself said to stop paying. However, he does not want us to mention that it is illegal because he's going to face A LOT in fines, likely 6 digits. I'm sick of being considerate when they think it's okay to have a family of four living in THEIR sewage and harassing them in the meantime. The housing program is going through, and we are in no danger of being homeless anymore, which was 99% of our concerns.

    WIBTA if I tell the court about my LL evicting us because he's getting fined and the place is illegal?





  • (#9) They Asked Their Landlord If He Lives Like This After He Refused To Fix Their House

    From Redditor u/danit44:

    I moved into a new apartment, owned by a guy instead of a leasing company. I thought maybe a privately owned place would be better than renting from a big company when it came to getting repairs done.

    When I moved in, there were a few issues. The central heat wouldn't keep the apartment warm enough; it was dropping down to 64. The habitability requirements for my state are that the apartment has to be 68 or higher.

    The sink drain was clogged.

    The carpets were stained even though there was supposed to be a professional carpet cleaning done before I moved in.

    The oven only worked on 2 of 4 burners.

    I told my landlord about those issues and he said I should...

    Wear warmer clothes, it's an old drafty building and they're difficult to heat in winter.

    Give the sink more time to drain.

    Just live with the carpet stains, it was sanitary because there had been a deep cleaning.

    The oven would be expensive to replace, could I live with using the 2 burners?

    I said no, I expected an apartment with working heat and appliances and expected it to have been cleaned as agreed on in the lease. I wanted the heat repaired and the oven repaired and the carpet properly cleaned or replaced.

    He said that I was asking for thousands to tens of thousands of dollars of work, and he couldn't afford it, the rental house was just his retirement income instead of a 401k, he wasn't running it like a business.

    And that my unit was only $600 a month, I wasn't getting "luxury" for that price and it was ridiculous to expect it.

    I felt frustrated because when he wrote up a lease agreement it was a business. And the cost of rent has nothing to do with the other lease terms such as functional appliances. Also has nothing to do with the habitability laws; there's no law saying only expensive apartments have to be habitable! It applies to all!

    I got so frustrated I asked him to prove he did not have the money.

    If he wanted to beg brokeness, he could show me his wife and children wearing coats in his own house because he can't afford to heat his family home. He could show me his family struggling to cook dinner because their stove was half broken. He could show me random brown stains all over the ground.

    And if he wasn't living like that, he had no right to claim he couldn't afford to make the apartment livable.

    He got frustrated with me and said I had no right to demand to see into his private house.

    I said he had an obligation to his tenants first, as soon as he decided to write up leases and rent to people. If he couldn't fulfill that obligation he needed to cut costs at home, not cut costs on contractually agreed upon terms with me.

    And that I'd be withholding my rent unless he could either bring the apartment to a livable standard or prove financial difficulties to a reasonable level.

    He said I was being unreasonable, and I said I was being very reasonable and I was holding him to the terms of the lease he wrote, and the laws of our state.

    And if those terms couldn't be fulfilled I would be withholding rent. I was being more than fair by offering leniency if he truly was suffering financially and could show me.

    AITA for what I said to my landlord?,,,


  • (#15) They Pranked Their Roommates To Tipping Their Landlord

    From Redditor u/aitathrowaaawaay:

    So me (24M) and my roommates (23Ms) have been living together all throughout college. I’ve been in the workforce and paying for my own expenses for about a year now and my roommates both just recently started doing the same. For all of our years in college their parents took care of paying things like rent and utilities and stuff like that. So they’ve been coming to me for help and advice on what and where to pay these bills for our apartment.

    When they first approached me a couple months ago for what to pay I told them all the standard stuff and how I do it. But I thought it would be funny also telling them they need to tip our landlord through venmo.

    Yesterday they brought it up again when mentioning bills and I was thrown off because I didn’t know they would actually do it. Now I’m not actually sure how much they’re tipping but I think when I initially made the joke I said “it was just like tipping your waiter 15-20% at a restaurant.”

    I’ve been feeling kinda bad about it and I’m wondering if I should come clean and tell them you don’t actually have to tip the landlord.

    Edit: I should add the landlord is a family friend of mine and I really wouldn’t like to ask him to give the money back

    Edit 2: To the people saying I should pay them back in my own money, I really wouldn’t be able to afford to pay the amount that’s accumulated for the last couple months for about a year.


  • (#1) Their Roommate Who Is Also The Landlord Keeps Telling Them To Clean The Bathroom

    From Redditor u/ElusiveProwler:

    So, we live in a two bedroom, two bathroom house. He lives in the master bedroom with his own bathroom. My bathroom is the hallway bathroom. Anytime he has friends over or a party, after the party he will text me or leave a note in the bathroom telling me that I need to clean MY BATHROOM, that his party/friends just threw up in or made any type of mess.

    I've tried to tell him that I clean up after myself after every time I use the bathroom and I don't think I should clean up after anyone else. But he says that I pay rent for the room and the guest bathroom, so its my responsibility to clean that bathroom no matter who uses it.

    Also, some of his friends have broken certain minor things in the bathroom and he says I need to fix or replace it since my bathroom is the guest bathroom and it doesn't matter if his friends broke it, which I've told him that there is no way I'm going to do and I will just leave it broken or have him fix it, since he is the landlord.


  • (#13) They Reported The Neighbor To Their Landlord Because Of Their Kids

    From Redditor u/LittleKidHater123:

    I’ll try to be brief, I live in a townhome, every townhome in this community has a small fenced in backyard that goes up to a sidewalk and then has 2 parking spaces against the sidewalk. In my lease it is clearly stated that there is no playing or riding bikes, scooters, etc in the parking lot ever and no bikes/scooters etc on the sidewalks. These are not public sidewalks but are walkways along the back of the units.

    one of my neighbors(I’ll call her Angela) is a single mom with 3 kids, guessing the ages I’d say 7,6, and 4(or at least too young for kindergarten). I live in between her and another mom who Angela is friends with. I’ve overheard enough from them talking to know that Angela lost custody of her kids last fall and just got them back a few weeks ago. This is why I kinda feel like TA.

    On Saturday Angela sent her kids outside to play, she was not out there with them but i think she has the bigger 2 kids watch the youngest, they were all racing bikes around the parking lot which is against the rules but I have never reported it in the past because it didn’t effect me and I don’t like to snitch. The older 2 kids must’ve ditched the 4 year old because she was just biking by herself on one of those push bikes with no pedals, Im backing up into my parking spot so I can unload groceries and my neighbor(not the mom) is in her car next to mine and honks and yells at the little girl because she wasn’t looking and was about to ride off the sidewalk into my parking spot while I’m backing up into it. She yells at the little to stay away from cars.

    15 minutes later I go back out to put new registration stickers on my car and the little girl is still out there alone. She then rides right up beside my car, loses her balance, and hits my car with her front tire. There’s no damage but I’m pissed, but don’t yell or swear, I tell the girl she needs to stay away from my cars and there’s no playing in the parking lot.

    The little girls mom walks by a few seconds after the impact and asks what happened, I tell her that her kid hit my car, she tells her kid the same, stay away from cars.

    Sunday her kids are back in the parking lot, moms not around, and they’re riding by cars and between them again.

    I take my dogs out to sh*t and the little girl runs over to the edge of my yard, stares at me and starts barking at my dogs, I just stood there looking at her like wtf but she kept it up until I went back inside. I wasn’t going to escalate the issue until that happened.

    I report the bike incidents to the landlord, I name her and her address and provide my security video of the 2 incidents by my car and am very strongly worded about it. The landlord sends notice to everyone that there is absolutely no playing or biking in the parking lots for anyone and then tells me they’re writing up Angela for lease violations.

    I just wanted her kids to stay away from my cars and dogs. AITA?


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