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Random Computer Repair Workers Share Their Weirdest Stories

  • (#5) He Started Dissecting A Foot

    From Redditor /u/GotSka81:

    I was once working for a hospital, and we got a call about a PC in the "gross room," which is pretty much what you would expect. The room is dedicated to dissecting and researching body parts and such that are removed from [cadavers] or during surgeries.

    I was working on the PC for several days and got to know the staff. At one point, the gentleman next to me asked, "Are you squeamish?" to which I replied, "Nope, do what you have to do," and he pulls a full human foot (up to the ankle) out of his bag and begins doing whatever it is that they do (involves chemicals, maybe preservation?). Pretty awesome.

  • (#3) Her Computer Was A Literal Roach Nest

    From a former Redditor:

    Once... a woman lugged in an older Dell desktop. One of the optiplex models that sat flat [and] opened similar to the way a car hood opens. It wouldn't boot, she says. She is standing a full five feet from me, and the aroma coming off of her made me think she had bathed all the previous week in bear piss. I opened the case of the computer [and panicked] - there was barely a square inch inside that wasn't moving. It was full of cockroaches [and] had so many antennas stuck up in the air waving around looked like they were all at a rock concert - all that was missing was miniature lighters.

    I told her it would take a day or two for me to figure it out, so just be patient and I would call her as soon as I knew. I waited until her car left the lot [and] took the computer [and] made for the door. Roaches started swarming out on my shirt [and] my hands... the cover was partially cracked, and then... I dropped the damn thing. The corner hit the floor, effectively jarring a good percentage of the confused occupants out onto my floor, where they began to do as roaches do and scatter in every direction they could. I had a stomp fest. Then a "seal computer in plastic bag" party. Then I went to the store [and] bought [a bunch of] bug [spray, sprayed] the entire shop, [and] went home for the day.

    Days later, I informed her of the problem and that I wasn't going to touch the computer anymore but was pretty damn well certain it was done for. She bought another one, and two days later, she was back with it. It wouldn't power on. I cracked this one open... roaches. I went into the power supply... roaches.

    At some point during this fiasco, I apparently inadvertently touched my eye. I have contacts, so sometimes I have to readjust them. Within another week, I was in the emergency room with 38 STIES total on my eyelids. I had some deep in the eye sockets in my cheek. I took vicodin and enough antibiotics to change my genetic makeup. I sat for an entire afternoon with hot compresses on my eyes while the sties weeped yellow oozage. The doc said it was a severe bacterial infection - I recounted the cockroach story... he said that was the likely culprit. Now, if I smell roaches when they come in with the computer - they go right back out with it.

  • (#1) They Found A Live Snake

    From Redditor /u/Helen_A_Handbasket:

    [In this] particular job, we received units for repair from all over the US, so we'd occasionally find things in them that obviously didn't come from our area. Found a [deceased] scorpion in one once, many live spiders, a... mummified lizard, and a live snake.

    It wasn't a very big one, only about a foot long since it had to fit through a missing slot cover in the back of the system. It probably just crawled in there looking for warmth, I'd suspect. I popped off the lid, and there it was, just curled up next to the power supply. I have no fear of snakes, so I just picked it up and took it outside to let it go. It did freak out several people on my way out of the building, though.

  • (#12) The Computer Had Some Furry Occupants

    From Redditor /u/thndrchld:

    I opened a computer one time to find a squirrel nest INSIDE THE COMPUTER.

  • (#14) He Used The Floppy Drive As An Ashtray

    From Redditor /u/blackhawknl:

    One time, I worked at a computer shop where we had a workplace to repair, put together, and install computers. So this older gentleman walks in and hands me his computer, telling me that it made strange noises and it [wouldn't] boot anymore. As he was telling me the problems of his PC, I noticed a very strong smoker's smell, like I held my nose above three ashtrays. The man told me that his computer made aweful noises and that everytime he booted, his computer would make that noise a little louder.

    When this gentleman walks away, I put the computer in the storage room. Still having to deal with that aweful smell.

    Fast forward three days. Today, I got the chance to fix the smoker's computer. I booted it up to see what these "noises" were. When it wouldn't boot, I opened it up and immediately saw that almost the entire casing was filled with cigarettes. This guy used his Floppy drive as an ashtray, causing the fans to jam and the computer to overheat.

    When I confronted the man about this, he just replied: "But I don't smoke..." Turns out his son smoked, and he had used the computer as hidden ashtray so that his father wouldn't find out...

  • (#6) His Screensaver Cycled Through Graphic Images

    From Redditor /u/nebnodlew:

    I [managed] computer repair for a retailer a couple year ago. We had a client's computer in the back running various malware and virus scans. I was doing morning paperwork in the back near the computer. This PC had its screensaver on displaying random photos from the "My Pictures" folder - various family members, children's birthday parties, the usual stuff. Then, from the [corner] of my eye, I swear to God I saw a picture of a woman from the shoulders up with her throat cut.

    As soon as I realized what I was making out, I [gave it] my full attention, [but] it was back to photos of a car show. As they day went on, I though nothing of it and proceeded [to] work, until I was bringing another customer's PC to the back to work on, and again, [in] my peripheral [vision,] I could have sworn I saw a bloody [person]... bound in a trunk of a car. At that moment, I began to freak out.

    I grabbed one of my employees [and] explained the situation [to him]. We then sat for 10 minutes and watched this screensaver (it is against company policy to search through the client's personal files without absolute just cause). We then proceeded to see a photo [of] two bodies in a shallow grave out in the woods, and another photo of a severed hand down in kitchen drawer. I then went [to] the general manager, informed him of the situation, and had him view this screensaver. We then felt that [it] would be in everyone's best interest to contact law enforcement.

    [About] 15 minutes later, [the] owner of the computer and another gentleman show up, [and] I proceed to tell him that his computer is not ready and it will be a while. He then informs me that he was called there because someone reported there [were] some photographs of a grisly [slaying] that we had found. I showed him his computer, and then his partner... begins to laugh at him. Apparently, he went against police policy and took some of his work home with him. [He] had never noticed his work photos were being used as a screensaver.

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