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  • Marion Cotillard on Random Celebrities Who Believe in Conspiracy Theories

    (#3) Marion Cotillard

    • 43

    Chalk up the French actress as another who doubts human beings walked on the moon. She rhetorically asked the Huffington Post in 2008, "Did a man really walk on the moon?" and added, "I saw plenty of documentaries on it, and I really wondered. And in any case I don’t believe all they tell me, that’s for sure."

    She's also a 9/11 truther, claiming "We see other towers of the same kind being hit by planes. Are they burned? There was a tower, I believe it was in Spain, which burnt for 24 hours. It never collapsed. None of these towers collapsed. And there [in New York], in a few minutes, the whole thing collapsed.”

  • Thumb of Spike Lee video

    (#21) Spike Lee

    • 61

    Lee is among a number of African American celebrities who have publicly espoused the theory that the US government created AIDS to limit the Black population in inner city areas. He's also entertained the notion that the government purposefully allowed the levees in New Orleans's Ninth Ward to breach, ensuring more African Americans would perish.

    “I don't find it too far-fetched that they try to displace all the Black people out of New Orleans,” he said.

  • Rosie O'Donnell on Random Celebrities Who Believe in Conspiracy Theories

    (#19) Rosie O'Donnell

    • 56

    Rosie O'Donnell used her show The View to chime in with her thoughts about 9/11, saying, “I do believe it is the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I do believe that it defies physics for the World Trade Center Tower Seven, building seven, which collapsed in on itself, it is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved.”

    According to Popular Mechanics, it's not at all impossible for a building to fall the way Building 7 did, as its structure had been severely weakened by crash damage and burning jet fuel.

  • Martin Sheen on Random Celebrities Who Believe in Conspiracy Theories

    (#18) Martin Sheen

    • 78

    Former The West Wing star Martin Sheen, father of fellow conspiracy theorist Charlie Sheen, has talked about his feelings on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. "There are obviously a lot of unanswered questions, let me leave it that way, that are very, very disturbing," he said. "The key to that is Building 7 and how that came down under very, very suspicious circumstances.”

    The elder Sheen acknowledged that his son Charlie "got [him] interested" in the theory.

  • Steven Seagal on Random Celebrities Who Believe in Conspiracy Theories

    (#27) Steven Seagal

    • 66

    The black-leather-clad martial arts star has been a vocal proponent of the conspiracy theory that many mass shootings are staged, telling Russian state-owned propaganda network RT, "I believe, I hate to say this, a lot of these mass [slayings] and all this funny stuff that’s going on, I believe a lot of this is engineered.”

  • Prince on Random Celebrities Who Believe in Conspiracy Theories

    (#14) Prince

    • Dec. at 57 (1958-2016)

    The Purple One has given a number of interviews about the New World Order, Illuminati, and chemtrails. His most famous was during a 2009 interview with Tavis Smiley, during which Prince talked about civil rights activist Dick Gregory's theories about chemtrails.

    “You know, when I was a kid, I used to see these trails in the sky all the time,” he said. “A jet just went over. And then you started to see a whole bunch of them. And the next thing you know, everybody in your neighborhood was fighting and arguing and you didn’t know why.”

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In the past, due to the limited period of information dissemination, the spread of rumors was not so widespread. However, with the rise of the Internet, the spread of conspiracy theories is accelerating. Although people can easily deny the credibility of most conspiracy theories through Internet searches, many people are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories than to find ways to verify them, especially when they are recognized by some celebrities.

The power of the celebrity effect is greater than we thought. The random tool lists 27 celebrities who believe in ridiculous conspiracy theories, they even openly discuss and support these crazy views.

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