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Random Cats That Just Can't Be Bothered

  • (#28) Vacationing Dad Cat Says to Ask Your Mother

  • (#8) Mittens Paws Perfects the Art of Waving Away Any Potential Nap Time Interuptions

  • (#12) "Sorry Baby. Seat Is Taken."

  • (#18) Diva Cat Does Nothing Manually, Least of All Spin

  • (#9) "So Interesting. Please. Tell Me More."

  • (#33) Deep Sleeper Cat Laughs in the Face of Your Tosses and Turns

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About This Tool

Sleep is an important behavior that animals cannot lack. Sleep can relieve the fatigue of the body and brain and can prepare strength and energy for the next activity. Cats sleep approximately twice as long as humans sleep. Cat owners often see cats curled up on sofas, beds, furniture tops, or window sills sleeping lazily, paws and other parts of the body often move involuntarily, this is normal.

As we all know, cats can be lazy. They like comfortable corners and warm places, and they often sleep in various unbelievable places. Here the random tool shows 33 cute pictures of incredibly sleepy cats that can not be bothered.

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