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  • Jimmy McNulty on Random Best The WIRE Characters

    (#7) Jimmy McNulty

    • Dominic West
  • Stringer Bell on Random Best The WIRE Characters

    (#6) Stringer Bell

    • Idris Elba
    Found out he was British which to me was surprising with him having such a strong accent in real life. His character was so good adding a business aspect to the street life that usually isn’t portrayed in films or movies, Stringer Bell was a man that in some cases was too ahead of his time that the street life wasn’t ready for...purely brilliant
  • Cedric Daniels on Random Best The WIRE Characters

    (#17) Cedric Daniels

    • Lance Reddick
  • Rhonda Pearlman on Random Best The WIRE Characters

    (#31) Rhonda Pearlman

    • Deirdre Lovejoy
  • William Rawls on Random Best The WIRE Characters

    (#30) William Rawls

    • John Doman
  • Ervin Burrell on Random Best The WIRE Characters

    (#35) Ervin Burrell

    • Frankie Faison

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The Wire is a crime TV series about battles between police and criminal gangs in Baltimore, Maryland. The whole drama was filmed on-site in Baltimore and was filmed on a stand-alone camera. Former crime reporter and writer David Simon served as producer and screenwriter. Based on his own personal experience, the screenwriter presents a real American city to the audience. The biggest factor in success lies in many authentic and credible characters.

Although it did not achieve great commercial success and did not win mainstream TV awards, it still received wide acclaim and is often regarded as the greatest TV series of all time. The random tool lists 35 impressive and outstanding characters from The Wire.

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