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  • Teen Titans Season 5 on Random Best Seasons of Teen Titans

    (#4) Teen Titans Season 5

    Aired: September 24, 2005 – January 16, 2006
    In this final season, the Titans rush to the aid of their friends, the Doom Patrol. More guests come to visit, like Kid Flash and Red Star. There is also a final confrontation with the Brotherhood of Evil. 
    Major episodes this season include "For Real," "Lightspeed," and "Calling All Titans"
    Key moments this season:
    - Titans East have difficulty with the public
    - Origin stories of the Titans
  • Teen Titans Season 2 on Random Best Seasons of Teen Titans

    (#2) Teen Titans Season 2

    Aired: January 10, 2004 – August 21, 2004
    The gang meets a potential new member, Terra, who doesn't seem quite in control of her powers. Meanwhile, their rivalry with Slade continues, and Starfire goes through some rites of passage. 
    Interesting episodes include "Terra," "Transformation," and "Fractured." 
    Key moments this season:
    - Beast Boy switching lives with an alien dog
    - Starfire's body crystalizing
    - Facing off with Terra in the finale
  • Teen Titans Season 1 on Random Best Seasons of Teen Titans

    (#3) Teen Titans Season 1

    Aired: July 19, 2003 – October 11, 2003
    This season kicks off the animated version of DC Comics's Teen Titans. Five young heroes - Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven - decide to team up to defeat Slade. They begin their adventures (and misadventures) as a superhero team. 
    Significant episodes include "Divide and Conquer," "The Sum of His Parts," and "Detention." 
    Key moments this season:
    - Beast Boy's prank hits Starfire by accident
    - Raven and Starfire switch bodies
    - Robin becoming Slade's apprentice
  • Teen Titans Season 3 on Random Best Seasons of Teen Titans

    (#5) Teen Titans Season 3

    Aired: August 28, 2004 – November 27, 2004
    The Titans meet new challenges, such as when Starfire goes to her home planet to settle affairs, and Cyborg gets infected with a software virus. Plus, there's a new teen guest in the form of Aqualad and Slade continues to plague the Titans. 
    Major episodes this season include "Betrothed," "Revolution," and "The Beast Within." 
    Key moments this season:
    - Starfire finds her sister ruler of their home planet
    - Robin fighting illusions of himself
    - Beast Boy is magically turned into inanimate objects
  • Teen Titans Season 4 on Random Best Seasons of Teen Titans

    (#1) Teen Titans Season 4

    Aired: January 15, 2005 – July 16, 2005
    Robin goes on a journey to be trained by a martial arts master. Meanwhile, the other Titans deal with more time-travel mishaps, alien invasions, and cyborg tinkering. A major revelation about Raven happens this season as well.
    Key episodes this season include "The Quest," "Employee of the Month," and "The End" (a three part episode).
    Key moments this season:
    - The other Titans trying on Robin's gear
    - The new magic-powered Slade
    - Robin and Starfire settling their romantic feelings

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Teen Titans is a superhero team under DC Comics in the United States. It is the first team composed of juvenile superheroes. Its history is almost as old as the Justice League, and it has been disbanded and reorganized many times. In 2003, the TV animation Teen Titans, adapted from DC Comics of the same name, premiered on Cartoon Channel.

As a brave and fearless team, the Teen Titans continue to walk on the road of pursuing dreams and justice. The random tool lists a total of 5 great seasons of Teen Titans you should not miss, the cartoon will satisfy DC fans.

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