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  • Ford Bronco on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#17) Ford Bronco

    • Ford

    The Bronco was introduced to the blossoming world of civilian four-by-fouring in 1965. It was conceived by Ford general manager Donald Frey, the same brilliant mind behind the Mustang. The Bronco offers more interior space and a higher towing capacity than the Jeeps of its time, along with a more comfortable ride. It also boasts limited-slip differentials in the front and rear for better off-road traction. Best of all, it came from the factory with a 289 cubic-inch V8, which makes it the first civilian 4x4 sold with an eight cylinder motor. The first generation is considered the best choice of Broncos, because it has better safety ratings than the second gen and the best body style for off-roading out of the later models.

  • Jeep Comanche on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#18) Jeep Comanche

    • Chrysler, Jeep, American Motors

    Jeep has a long history of building heavy-duty, compact, off-road capable trucks. From the original Willys Jeep 4x4 Truck, to the super-cool Scrambler, to the Gladiator (the classic and modern versions), there aren’t any wrong choices. However, the Comanche stands out for its iconic 1980’s personality, exceptional workhorse capabilities, and user-friendly design. The Comanche, or MJ, is a truck version of the Cherokee with a brilliant, unique body/frame known as a “uniframe.” The cab is a unibody, and the bed is a frame-on-body, which provides better support for the cargo box. This means the humble Comanche is capable of hauling much more than other trucks its size - perfect for loading up with all your gear, spare tires, and fuel, and hitting the trails.

  • Land Rover Defender on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#8) Land Rover Defender

    • Land Rover

    The Defender seamlessly blends on-road comfort with off-roading capabilities, thanks to its roots in the original Land Rover models. Those rugged vehicles were perfect as off-road rescue and post-office vehicles, but lacking in the luxuries department. Over the years, they added various quality-of-life upgrades, such as expanded drivetrain options, transmissions with synchros for smoother operation, more comfortable interiors, and coil-spring suspensions in place of leaf springs. By 1990, the Defender brand was officially in place, representing the combination of Land Rover’s indominable off-roading prowess with comfort, style, and luxury.

  • Toyota 4Runner on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#1) Toyota 4Runner

    • Toyota

    The first generation 4Runner is one of the most versatile 4x4’s ever built. It holds its age well and comes loaded from the factory with off-road friendly goodies, including a removable fiberglass hard-top and solid axles in the front and rear. (It should be noted that the front solid axle was swapped out for independent front suspension in 1986.) Backyard mechanics can easily swap in various motors, drivetrains, and accessories to meet specific needs. Plus, it’s roomy enough to sleep in, and store all your gear. Keep it a daily driver, or transform it into a rock-crawler or Baja worthy pan-American camper. Whatever you choose to use it for, the humble 4Runner will get it done.

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#20) Jeep Grand Cherokee

    • Chrysler, Jeep

    A grand solution for those craving off-road adventure, but unwilling to sacrifice ride quality while on the tarmac as well as off it. All Jeeps are Trail Rated for maximum traction, water fording, maneuverability, articulation, and ground clearance. The Top Summit Trim package gives extra grip on any terrain via an intelligent Quadra-Drive II four-wheel system, in addition to Jeep’s standard Selec-Terrain Traction Management. This novel system provides on-the-fly adjustments to traction control, ride height, and gearing systems - giving you more control over your ride from the comfort of your cockpit.

  • International Harvester Scout on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#21) International Harvester Scout

    • International Harvester, Scout

    The Safari is a soft-top version of the iconic Harvester Scout, one of the coolest off-road vehicles on the planet. Initially offered as a consumer-friendly option to the bare-bones, utilitarian Willys Jeep of the 1960’s, the Scout helped set the standard for modern recreational off-road vehicles and 4x4’s. The Softop Safari II was International Harvester’s response to the Jeep CJ, complete with soft top and soft doors, a roll bar, plastic door inserts and grille, and Jeep-style side-mirrors mounted high on the A-pillars. These lovely beasts were only produced from 1977-1979, so finding one may be a challenge - but totally worth it.

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