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  • Suzuki Samurai on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#22) Suzuki Samurai

    This humble hero is considered by many to be one of the greatest off-road classic cars ever built. Suzuki has been experimenting with off-road vehicles since 1970, when they released the LJ10, or “Light Jeep 10.” After successfully selling several generations of their Light Jeeps in various markets, Suzuki crafted one for the US market. Dubbed the “Samurai,” these nimble, lightweight 4x4’s were sold from 1985-1995. They might not be the most powerful or attractive car on the lot, but they’ll keep on going where their heavier counterparts get stuck. Samurais are also very easy to modify and maintain, which makes these pocket-sized SUV’s exceptional rally cars.

  • Jeep CJ on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#14) Jeep CJ

    • Jeep

    This car is widely considered to be the forefather of recreational off-road vehicles. The first CJ was launched in 1944, as a way to meet the growing demand for civilian 4x4’s. They were basically modified versions of the “scout” cars commissioned by the US military for WWII. These SUV’s were bulletproof, but incredibly utilitarian. The 3A was the first CJ to feature “luxuries” such as extra leg and headroom, leakproof connections between the canvas roof and side doors, and additional seat padding. The 3B further revolutionized the market with the introduction of the F-Head Hurricane engine, whose novel inlet-over-exhaust design allowed for higher compression ratios and improved flow. These designs set the stage for Jeep style SUV’s for years to come, including the Land Rover brand, and iconic Toyota Land Cruiser.

  • Chevrolet K5 Blazer on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#10) Chevrolet K5 Blazer

    • General Motors, Chevrolet

    Like the Toyota 4Runner, the Blazer was offered with a removable hardtop until 1975. It was then switched to a half-cab, removable top for the remainder of its production years. This makes the Blazer another versatile off-road vehicle, with lots of ground clearance and power from the factory. It’s GM’s smallest full-sized SUV, which gives it a shorter wheelbase more fit for hitting the trails and boulders. The simple layout makes upgrades and modifications a breeze, and the classic styling can’t be beat.

  • Ford Bronco on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#17) Ford Bronco

    • Ford

    The Bronco was introduced to the blossoming world of civilian four-by-fouring in 1965. It was conceived by Ford general manager Donald Frey, the same brilliant mind behind the Mustang. The Bronco offers more interior space and a higher towing capacity than the Jeeps of its time, along with a more comfortable ride. It also boasts limited-slip differentials in the front and rear for better off-road traction. Best of all, it came from the factory with a 289 cubic-inch V8, which makes it the first civilian 4x4 sold with an eight cylinder motor. The first generation is considered the best choice of Broncos, because it has better safety ratings than the second gen and the best body style for off-roading out of the later models.

  • Volkswagen Vanagon on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#11) Volkswagen Vanagon

    Looks can definitely be deceiving, as is proved by this 4x4 vintage camping van. Most people don’t know that VW developed 4x4 technology as far back as WWII for the German military. They expanded into off-road vehicles designed for civilian use in the 70’s. Some Vanagons were outfitted from the factory with 4x4 “Syncro” drivetrains, which are surprisingly durable and versatile. Limited numbers of the Vanagon were sold with VW’s 4x4 system, which makes them one of the ultimate factory off-road vehicles. Videos demonstrating their off-road prowess show how capable these vans truly are, with little to no modifications (although modifications don’t hurt). You can take them practically anywhere, sleep and cook in them, and drive a little piece of automobile history. What more could you ask for?

  • Toyota Tacoma on Random Best Off-Road Vehicles

    (#4) Toyota Tacoma

    • Toyota

    Another Toyota truck that’s proven itself off-road is the beloved “Taco.” In 2015, Toyota offered an additional trim level dubbed “TRD Pro.” This edition offers upgraded Bilstein shock, all-terrain tires, Pro skid plates. The 2020 model boasts a Desert Air Intake, which sits high above the windshield - perfect for playing in the mud and water.

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