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  • Ford SVT Raptor on Random Best Off-Road Trucks on Four Wheels

    (#1) Ford SVT Raptor

    Forty years from now, when Ranker publishes a list of the best classic off-road trucks, Ford's Raptor may well end up at the top. True, some might bemoan the loss of the last generation's 411-horse 6.2-liter V-8, and its awesome exhaust note -- but the 2017 model's EcoBoost V-6 isn't likely to disappoint in the power department. Keep an eye out for the inevitable 1,000-horsepower VelociRaptor from Hennessey. 

  • Jeep Cherokee (XJ) on Random Best Off-Road Trucks on Four Wheels

    (#7) Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

    • Chrysler, American Motors
    The SUV that literally coined the term "SUV," the XJ didn't get an entirely warm welcome among those traditionally conservative Jeep enthusiasts - mostly due to its unibody construction and early perception as a mall cruiser. But the XJ has absolutely proven its competence in places without a food court, and remains almost the default choice for off-roading among those who prefer SUVs. 
  • 2005-Up Dodge Ram Power Wagon on Random Best Off-Road Trucks on Four Wheels

    (#6) 2005-Up Dodge Ram Power Wagon

    The original Power Wagon was based on Dodge's WWII era WC chassis, and it is rightly considered the grandfather of all four-wheel-drive trucks today. By some standards, it's still one of the best. But the newer Power Wagon package probably makes 2005-later Rams objectively better off-roaders. Granted, it's not quite the low-speed crawler that the original Power Wagon was - that particular Dodge was almost more tractor than truck. But the newer model's almost as good at crawling over obstacles, and its Hemi engine gives it plenty of power for hammering through deep sand and mud. It might or might not be "better," but the new Power Wagon is at least far more versatile
  • Ford Courier on Random Best Off-Road Trucks on Four Wheels

    (#20) Ford Courier

    • Mazda
    Some mini-truck had to make this list, and I had a 1973 Courier with a 2.3-liter Mustang engine. So, there it is. If you've never experienced the joy of mercilessly thrashing a lightweight, low-geared, rear-drive minitruck around the backroads, then you might not understand what makes the Courier so utterly perfect. Think of it as a Mazda Miata for the dirt; a momentum machine that rewards talent, bravery and flawless control. Granted, you could say the same for any Ranger or Chevy S-10. But having owned all three, take my word for it: Light makes right, and Ford's Courier is the rightest of them all.  
  • Chevrolet Silverado Z71 on Random Best Off-Road Trucks on Four Wheels

    (#11) Chevrolet Silverado Z71

    To fans of older trucks, these newfangled Silverados are too complicated, too heavy, too civilized, and just too pretty to be called "real" trucks. That said, it would be an absolute lie not to say that the GMT900 chassis is objectively in a different league than anything the C/K sat on. So are the drivetrains and suspension systems on offer now. Like it or not, if you're going to call any GM truck (that isn't a Hummer) a good off-roader, you can't not mention later model Z71s. 

  • Ford Ranger FX4 Level II on Random Best Off-Road Trucks on Four Wheels

    (#16) Ford Ranger FX4 Level II

    What might have been the last of the truly great "mini-trucks" left the assembly line in 2007, having been replaced by something far fatter, dumber, and less fun. The FX4 package was in most senses a four-wheel-drive Explorer drivetrain in a smaller and lighter package. With 8.8-inch axles, Torsen limited-slip diffs, manual transfer case, and three skid plates, the FX4 certainly seems to have the goods for proper off-roading. In 2003 and 2004, Ford even produced a few with both manual transmissions and a manual transfer case - the "Holy Grail" of modern Rangers. Long gone in the land of cheeseburgers and automatics, this truck is still on sale up in Canada. 

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