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Random Best Medical KDramas

  • Forest on Random Best Medical KDramas

    (#15) Forest

    • Park Hae-jin, Jo Bo-ah, Jung Yeon-joo
  • Jejungwon on Random Best Medical KDramas

    (#48) Jejungwon

    • Park Yong-woo, Han Hye-jin, Yeon Jung-hoon
  • Yong-pal on Random Best Medical KDramas

    (#14) Yong-pal

    • Joo Won, Kim Tae-hee, Chae Jung-an, Jo Hyun-jae
  • New Heart on Random Best Medical KDramas

    (#42) New Heart

    • Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung, Cho Jae-hyun, Lee Ji-hoon
  • Medical Top Team on Random Best Medical KDramas

    (#22) Medical Top Team

    • Kwon Sang-woo, Jung Ryeo-won, Ju Ji-hoon, Oh Yeon-seo, Choi Minho
  • The King's Doctor on Random Best Medical KDramas

    (#37) The King's Doctor

    • Cho Seung-woo, Lee Yo-won, Son Chang-min

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About This Tool

Medical-themed TV shows are not only popular in the United States. Korean medical TV dramas are also popular with many outstanding works. Which Korean medical TV dramas have you watched? In addition to thrillers, there is another type of Korean drama that will make your heart beat faster, Korean medical drama. Well-made Korean dramas with unique themes can always make people get rid of a boring life.

This random tool brings you to the top 51 most famous medical Korean dramas, such as Hospital Playlist,Dr. Romantic,Doctor Stranger, etc. If your impression of Korean dramas is still in car accidents and leukemia, these excellent Korean medical dramas will make your eyes shine.

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