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  • You Made Me! on Random Best Lemongrab Episodes of 'Adventure Time'

    (#6) You Made Me!

    • August 27, 2012

    Which Lemongrab: Lemongrab 1 and Lemongrab 2

    Finn and Jake discover Lemongrab stalking Chocoberry. The kingdom learns that Lemongrab is bored because he has no people in his own kingdom. The Pup Gang agree to go to his kingdom in exchange for amnesty over their past crimes. As Lemongrab goes crazy, Princess Bubblegum presents Lemongrab 2, so he won't be lonely anymore. 

    Notable shouts: "NEEEEH! WHAT?! WHO'S THIS RIGAMAROLE?!"

  • Lemonhope, Part 2 on Random Best Lemongrab Episodes of 'Adventure Time'

    (#5) Lemonhope, Part 2

    • March 10, 2014

    Which Lemongrab: Lemongrab 1, Lemongrab 2, and Lemongrab 3

    Lemonhope returns to Castle Lemongrab. With the aid of Lemonhope's harp, Lemongrab explodes. Princess Bubblegum sews him back together, and she asks Lemonhope to look after the kingdom while Lemongrab puts himself back together.  

    Notable shouts: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH—!"

  • Lemonhope, Part 1 on Random Best Lemongrab Episodes of 'Adventure Time'

    (#3) Lemonhope, Part 1

    • March 10, 2014

    Which Lemongrab: Lemongrab 1 and Lemongrab 2

    Lemonhope yearns for freedom and embarks to the Lemon Kingdom, believing it to the paradise. When Lemonhope and Princess Bubblegum go to his castle, they find a Lemon person trying to escape, who's promptly eaten by Lemongrab. Lemonhope later has a dream about Lemongrab 2 where he steps on a drop of gum that turns out to be Princess Bubblegum. 

    Notable shouts (Lemongrab 2): "Save us, Lemonhope! You're our only lemon-ho—!!" 

  • Another Five Short Graybles on Random Best Lemongrab Episodes of 'Adventure Time'

    (#7) Another Five Short Graybles

    • June 17, 2013

    Which Lemongrab: Lemongrab 1 and Lemongrab 2

    In "Anger," the two Lemongrabs play with a dollhouse. They struggle over what to do with the doll. Eventually, Lemongrab grows tired with his clone's interference and eats him. 

    Notable shouts: "Only one!" and "The end! My end!"

  • All Your Fault on Random Best Lemongrab Episodes of 'Adventure Time'

    (#9) All Your Fault

    • January 28, 2013

    Which Lemongrab: Lemongrab 1 and Lemongrab 2

    Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2 send a message to Princess Bubblegum that their kingdom is out of candy, and they demand she send them more. PB sends Finn and Jake to deliver candy seeds. They meet the Lemon people who try to eat Finn and Jake because they're so hungry. As they move through the kingdom, they discover the Lemongrabs, who gain the possession of the candy formula, forcing PB to erase the formula from their minds. 

    Notable shouts: "We warned you about us!"

  • Too Young on Random Best Lemongrab Episodes of 'Adventure Time'

    (#10) Too Young

    • August 8, 2011

    Which Lemongrab: Lemongrab 1

    Lemongrab returns to the Candy Kingdom to take over the throne - since Princess Bubblegum de-aged herself and is now under 18, he has the right to do so. With the help of Finn, PB is able to turn herself back into an 18-year old and ousts Lemongrab, telling him, "Yo, Earl! Hey, you're fired, ya' butt!"

    Notable shouts: "One million years dungeon!"

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Earl of Lemongrab often appears in Adventure Time with Finn and Jake and was originally created by Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum to inherit the throne as a candy man. Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum was 13 years old when Earl of Lemongrab first appeared, playing with Finn. Because Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum was too young to rule the kingdom, Earl of Lemongrab usurped the throne.

There is no doubt that the Earl of Lemongrab is a very stubborn ruler who even closed everyone in prison. The random tool lists 10 of the most popular Lemongrab Episodes of Adventure Time for people who are interested in this character.

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