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  • Jus2 on Random Best JYP Entertainment Groups

    (#6) Jus2

    • K-pop


    Best Songs:

    "Focus on Me" (debut song)


    "Love Talk"

    "Drunk on You"


  • JJ Project on Random Best JYP Entertainment Groups

    (#8) JJ Project

    • K-pop


    "Bounce" (debut song)

    "Tomorrow, Today"


    "Coming Home"

    "Find You"

  • Day6 on Random Best JYP Entertainment Groups

    (#5) Day6

    • K-pop, Pop rock

    Rank all Day6 members here!


    Best Songs:

    "Congratulations" (debut song)

    "I'm Serious"

    "Letting Go"

    "I Smile"

    "I Loved You"

  • Got7 on Random Best JYP Entertainment Groups

    (#1) Got7

    • Hip hop music, Dance music, Contemporary R&B, K-pop

    Rank all Got7 members here! 


    Best Songs:

    "Girls, Girls, Girls" (debut song)

    "Hard Carry"

    "Just Right"


    "If You Do"

  • Noel on Random Best JYP Entertainment Groups

    (#15) Noel

    • K-pop, Ballad


    "More Than a Woman"

    "I Miss You"

    "Everything Was You"

    "My Girl"

    "A Better Tomorrow"

  • 2AM on Random Best JYP Entertainment Groups

    (#12) 2AM

    • K-pop, R&B, Soul

    2008–2010, 2014–2017

    Best Songs:

    "This Song" (debut song)

    "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die"

    "I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me"

    "One Spring Day"

    "I Was Wrong"

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About This Tool

JYP Entertainment is a multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate, founded by South Korean singer Park Jinying. It is also known as one of the three largest entertainment companies in Korea along with SM and YG. JYP has carried out trainee recruitment activities all over the world and has cultivated a large number of outstanding singers, actors, and musicians, their iconic artists include Got7, Twice, MissA, and more.

Do you know any other groups under JYP? Which is your favorite? The random tool generates 15 items, including the best JYP Entertainment groups of all time, although some groups have been disbanded, they still have many loyal fans. 

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