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  • Thumb of The Black Cat video

    (#31) The Black Cat

    • Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, David Manners
  • Thumb of Bride of Frankenstein video

    (#6) Bride of Frankenstein

    • Boris Karloff, Walter Brennan, Billy Barty, Elsa Lanchester, John Carradine, Valerie Hobson, Colin Clive, Una O'Connor, Ernest Thesiger, Mary Gordon, E. E. Clive, Helen Gibson, Helen Jerome Eddy, Reginald Barlow, Edward Peil, Sr., Torben Meyer, Douglas Walton, Dorothy Vernon, Norman Ainsley, Gavin Gordon, Jack Curtis, Joan Woodbury, O.P. Heggie, Grace Cunard, Tempe Pigott, Josephine McKim, Robert Adair, Neil Fitzgerald, Elspeth Dudgeon, Maurice Black, Frank Terry, John George, Lucio Villegas, Edwin Mordant, Frank Benson, Marilyn Harris, Lucien Prival, Peter Shaw, Brenda Fowler, A.S. 'Pop' Byron, Rollo Lloyd, Ted Billings, Anne Darling, Sarah Schwartz, D'Arcy Corrigan, Anders Van Haden, J. Gunnis Davis, Mae Bruce, Mary Stewart, Kansas DeForrest
  • Thumb of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street video

    (#15) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    • Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Sacha Baron Cohen, Timothy Spall, Jamie Campbell Bower, Anthony Head, Jayne Wisener, Peter Bowles, Gaye Brown, Timothy Glanfield, Nick Thomas-Webster, Ed Sanders, David McKail, Harry Taylor, Norman Campbell Rees, Neil Findlater, Lee Whitlock, Laura Michelle Kelly, Kas Graham, Les Loveday, Jody Halse, Buck Holland, Shane James Bordas, Vesna Vujat, Nicholas Hewetson, Philip Philmar, Jane Fowler, Colin Higgins, Phill Woodfine, Charlotte Child, Graham Bohea, Jess Murphy, Liza Sadovy, Aron Paramor, Stephen Ashfield, Kasia Halpin, Mandy Holliday, Paul Vigrass, Victoria Bull, Nick Haverson, Gracie May, Gabriella Freeman, Tom Pleydell-Pearce, Daniel Lusardi, Jon-Paul Hevey, Johnson Willis, Adam Roach, Ava May, Toby Hefferman, John Paton, Vince McGahon, Peter Mountain, Kira Woolman, Jonathan Williams, Helen Slaymaker, Emma Hewitt, William Oxborrow, Jerry Judge, Ian McLarnon, Gemma Grey, Elizabeth Ford, Laura Sanchez, Marcus Cunningham, Sue Maund, Cecilia Colby
  • Thumb of The Orphanage video

    (#25) The Orphanage

    • Geraldine Chaplin, Belén Rueda, Édgar Vivar, Fernando Cayo, Carmen López, Roger Príncep, Mabel Rivera, Montserrat Carulla, Andrés Gertrúdix, Oscar Casas, Carla Gordillo, Georgina Avellaneda, Óscar Lara, Alejandro Camps, Mireia Renau
  • Thumb of Frankenstein video

    (#2) Frankenstein

    • Boris Karloff, John Boles, Colin Clive, Francis Ford, Paul Panzer, Dwight Frye, Michael Mark, Lionel Belmore, Frederick Kerr, Mae Clarke, Cecilia Parker, Edward Van Sloan, Jack Curtis, Pauline Moore, Margaret Mann, Ellinor Vanderveer, William Dyer, Cecil Reynolds, Carmencita Johnson, Rose Plumer, Inez Palange, Arletta Duncan, Soledad Jimenez, Marilyn Harris, Ted Billings, Mae Bruce, Seessel Anne Johnson
  • Thumb of Vidocq video

    (#49) Vidocq

    • Gérard Depardieu, Inés Sastre, Guillaume Canet, André Dussollier, Édith Scob, Moussa Maaskri, Jean-Pierre Gos, Isabelle Renauld, Jean-Marc Thibault, André Penvern, Elsa Kikoïne, Francois Chattot, Gilles Arbona, Jean-Pol Dubois, Fred Ulysse

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Love and death are 2 essential elements of gothic horror films. In fact, there are few gothic horror movies that completely exclude love elements. In addition, these kinds of movies often feature weak and paranoid heroines or victims and gorgeous scenes. The themes are also life and death, good and evil, salvation, and a curse. 

As the new year is approaching, it’s time to share these selected gothic horror movies with family or friends and experience a different romance and horror. The generator recommends 50 of the best gothic horror movies, you could also search for others what you want.

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