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  • (#19) The 'Bu

    This old Channel 101 series is Lonely Island's spoof of The O.C. and is still beloved.
  • (#30) Wainy Days

    This web series follows the eponymous David Wain as we see life through his surreal filter.
  • (#10) Social Medium

    Beatrix is an average girl, except that she may or may not be able to communicate with the dead.
  • (#16) Video Game Reunion

    In this series, video game characters are actual people - and now, long after their heyday, they have to come back together for a reunion.
  • (#6) Broad City

    Before the Comedy Central show, Broad City was a web series following the life of Ilana and Abby in the misadventures throughout New York City.
  • (#21) My Drunk Kitchen

    Hannah Hart is a delight as a tipsy host who teaches viewers how to cook... sometimes.

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About This Tool

The rapid development of various social media means that more comedy web series is born, and a large number of independent creators are starting to produce the most interesting series in their hearts. These comedy web series are usually not expensive to produce and do not have a large production team, but they have captured the attention of fans. People don't need to be surprised by the number of comedy web series on the internet, this market is very large and highly competitive.

There are lots of options if you are looking for an interesting comedy? We collected 31 of the best comedy web series with a random tool, they all brilliant and worth watching. You can easily find more details and some available videos on this page.   

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