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  • Suze Howard on Random Best Characters On HBO's 'Euphoria'

    (#13) Suze Howard

    • Alanna Ubach

    Well, I tell ya, it's not easy to hold her attention.

  • Jules Vaughn on Random Best Characters On HBO's 'Euphoria'

    (#8) Jules Vaughn

    • Hunter Schafer

    B*tch, this isn't the '80s. You need to catch a d*ck.

  • Troy McKay on Random Best Characters On HBO's 'Euphoria'

    (#21) Troy McKay

    • Tyler Timmons

    Yp, for real. When'd you become such a b*tch?

  • Madeleine

    (#7) Madeleine "Maddy" Perez

    • Alexa Demie

    I'm just saying, love is a million things. Sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn't. The one thing I know is that Nate loves me no matter what. He'd f*cking kill for me, and I'd kill for him. 

  • Lexi Howard on Random Best Characters On HBO's 'Euphoria'

    (#3) Lexi Howard

    • Maude Apatow

    It's like you have a split personality disorder. Sorry if I miss the old you.

  • Wes on Random Best Characters On HBO's 'Euphoria'

    (#25) Wes

    • Nolan Bateman

    No, most girls don't know how to suck d*ck. 

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About This Tool

Euphoria is a teen TV series broadcast in 2019, starring young actors such as Zandaya, Hunter Shafer, Jacob Elotti, and others. It was based on the original Israeli version and tells about a group of young peers trying to escape reality through drugs, sex, and violence in order to deal with an uncertain future. 

Unexpectedly, these young actors did not disappoint the audience. After the first season was broadcast, they received a good response. Countless fans are looking forward to the return of the second season. The random tool introduced the 25 best characters in Euphoria you should know.

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