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Random All-Time Greatest Horror Writers

  • James Herbert on Random All-Time Greatest Horror Writers

    (#27) James Herbert

    • The Rats, The Fog, Fluke, The spear, The Magic Cottage, The Survivor, Deadly Eyes, Nobody True, The Survivor, Domain, '48, Popsy und 25 weitere Geschichten nach Mitternacht, Others, Creed, Portent, The Secret of Crickley Hall, The Ghosts of Sleath, The Shrine, Once . . ., Sepulchre, James Herbert's Dark Places, Achtundvierzig (48), The city, Modern English Novelists, L'empire des rats, Haunted Film Tie in, Fog Tape, Le Sombre, Moon. Der Roman, der Sie nicht schlafen läßt, Chiller Pack, Blutwaffe
  • William Hope Hodgson on Random All-Time Greatest Horror Writers

    (#44) William Hope Hodgson

    • The House on the Borderland, Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder, The Ghost Pirates, Deep Waters, The Night Land, The House on the Borderland and Other Novels, The Ghost Pirates and Other Revenants of the Sea, The Sea Horses, Collected Fiction Of William Hope Hodgson Volume 5, The Dream of X, The Boats of the "Glen Carrig", The Haunted Pampero, From The Tideless Sea, The Derelict, Out of the Storm, The Finding Of The Graiken, All Gothic 1, Gothic Horror 2, Captain Gault, Masters of Terror 1, Manuscript Series, The Luck of the Strong, The Wandering Soul: Glimpses of a Life, Eastbourne with its surroundings, The life and travels of John Pemberton, a minister of the gospel of Christ, The commonwealth of reason, The doctrine of original sin, Flora of Cumberland, The Voice in the Night, A Tropical Horror, The Baumoff Explosive
  • Jonathan Maberry on Random All-Time Greatest Horror Writers

    (#37) Jonathan Maberry

    • Pine Deep Trilogy, Dead of Night, The Dragon Factory
  • Harlan Ellison on Random All-Time Greatest Horror Writers

    (#36) Harlan Ellison

    • Dreams with Sharp Teeth, The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, The Glass Teat, Dante's Disciples, Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, A Pattern of Deceit, Spider Kiss, Deathbird Stories, "Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman, Approaching Oblivion, Memos from Purgatory, Angry Candy, Strange Wine, Mind Fields: The Art of Jacek Yerka, the Fiction of Harlan Ellison, Ellison Wonderland, Slippage, The Deadly Streets, Gentleman Junkie and Other Stories of the Hung-Up Generation, Stalking the Nightmare, Shatterday, Harlan Ellison's Watching, Paingod and Other Delusions, Alone Against Tomorrow, Web of the City, The Harlan Ellison Hornbook, I, Robot: The Illustrated Screenplay, The Fantasies of Harlan Ellison, The Essential Ellison, Harlan! Harlan Ellison reads Harlan Ellison, Strange Kaddish, Harlan Ellison's 7 Against Chaos, An Edge in My Voice, All the Lies That Are My Life, Vic and blood, Edgeworks, Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled, Flop sweat, Mefisto in Onyx, From A to Z, in the Chocolate Alphabet, Partners in wonder, Star trek, the city onthe edge of forever, The Savoy Book, Night and the Enemy, Goodbye to All That, Count the Clock that Tells the Time, Jeffty Is Five, The Whimper of Whipped Dogs, The Discarded, Brillo, Shattered Like a Glass Goblin, Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed, Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes, The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World, The Diagnosis of Dr. D'arqueAngel, Delusions for a Dragon Slayer, Basilisk, The Deathbird, The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, The Dragon on the Bookshelf, The Function of Dream Sleep, The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore, Croatoan, The Plague Bearers, Paladin of the Lost Hour, Soft Monkey, How Interesting: A Tiny Man, Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Latitude 38° 54' N, Longitude 77° 00' 13" W, No Doors, No Windows, The Other Glass Teat, The Region Between, Tracking Level, A Boy and His Dog, On the Downhill Side
  • Joe R. Lansdale on Random All-Time Greatest Horror Writers

    (#34) Joe R. Lansdale

    • The Drive-In, Best of the Borderlands, DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection, Tarzan: The Lost Adventure, The Bottoms, Rumble Tumble, Captains Outrageous, Red Range, Blood Dance, Bubba Ho-Tep, The Nightrunners, Night Visions 8, Mucho Mojo, Two Bear Mambo, The West That Was, Bar Talk, Savage Season, Act of Love, Freezer burn, Cold in July, High Cotton: Selected Stories of Joe R. Lansdale, Writer of the Purple Rage, The Big Blow, Bumper crop / Joe R. Lansdale., The Shadows, Kith and Kin, Mad Dog Summer and Other Stories, Waltz of Shadows, A Fine Dark Line, Sunset and sawdust, By Bizarre Hands, Dead Aim, Weird Business, Leather Maiden, Lost Lansdale Series, The Good, The Bad, and the Indifferent, A Fist Full of Stories (and Articles), The Long Ones, Triple Feature, Lords of the Razor, Dead in the West, Flaming London, Dark Voices Volume 2, A Little Green Book of Monster Stories, Atomic Chili, Retro-Pulp Tales, The God of the Razor, Jonah Hex, two-gun mojo, All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky, The Thicket, Les Marécages, The King and Other Stories, L'arbre à bouteilles, Le Mambo des 2 ours, Bestsellers Guaranteed, Devil Red, The Magic Wagon, Batman: Terror on the High Skies, Stories by Mama Lansdale's Youngest Boy, Private Eye Action, as You Like It, Something Lumber This Way Comes, Veil's Visit: a Taste of Hap and Leonard, Lansdale And Truman's Dead Folks, Electric Gumbo: A Lansdale Reader, NEW FRONTIER,THE, Zeppelins West, Steel Valentine, The Ape Man's Brother, Christmas with the Dead, Sanctified and Chicken Fried, The Best of Joe R. Lansdale
  • Robert R. McCammon on Random All-Time Greatest Horror Writers

    (#12) Robert R. McCammon

    • Swan Song, Stinger, The Wolf's Hour, Usher's Passing, Blue World and Other Stories, Mine, Boy's Life, Speaks the nightbird, Mystery Walk, Judgment of the Witch, The Night Boat, Baal, Evil Unveiled, Bethany's Sin, Gone South, Night Visions 4

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In recent years, horror novels have become more and more popular with the public, and have become the most active and eye-catching creative literary form. Good writers and new writers continue to progress and grow, but inexperienced and untalented writers are gradually fading out of people's vision. If you are a fan of horror novels and have read a lot of classic and modern horror novels, then you must know some excellent writers.

Who is your favorite writer? People always have their own answers to the same question. We collected 324 items that are the greatest horror writers of all time, such as Stephen King, H. P. Lovecraft, and more. Welcome to check their books and movies.

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